Disney Trips 2017

The dates have all been firmed up for the Disney trip for each chapter in 2017.

Chapter Date Destination
Vancouver October 17, 2017 Disneyland
Edmonton September 20, 2017 Disneyland
Calgary October 25, 2017 Disneyland
Winnipeg April 12, 2017 Disney World
Toronto May 3, 2017 Disney World
Ottawa November 15, 2017 Disney World
Montreal November 8, 2017 Disney World
Halifax April 26, 2017 Disney World


All of the children that are selected for the Dreams trip in their designated area of the country are required to attend the local Orientation meeting that will be scheduled within one month of the scheduled trip.

You can watch the countdown to the day of the trip on the chapter’s website or on the National website.

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